Nick Ryan
HSBC – A Living River

An interactive audio and real-time data experience

Audio specialist Nick Ryan created an interactive audio installation that brings China’s 6,300 km Yangtze River to the 194 metre long Gatwick Skybridge using actual sounds recorded along the river. A Living River celebrates the work of HSBC’s Water Programme and a 15 year partnership with WWF helping to safeguard freshwater resources across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The installation — the world’s longest and most advanced soundscape in an airport — gives travellers the chance to experience the authentic sounds of the 6,300 km river in rich detail as they head on their journey.

The installation features over 100 hours of authentic sounds taken from 35 locations on the Yangtze, transmitted by 160 speakers to immerse travellers in 3D sound. The installation is also linked to time of day and real-time weather data, enabling the soundscape to change, reflecting the current weather and conditions in China.