Google Pixel2 – Elements

An immersive interactive multi-sensoral experience

A great photograph is about optics – the skilful manipulation of light, combined with intelligent software.

In a collaboration with Google Pixel 2, TEM was tasked to create an interactive experience highlighting the premium camera feature for the launch of the new smartphone. As a result they created an installation composed of a series of concentric disks of optical mirrored glass with projected light, forming an extruded camera lens.

To bring interactivity to the experience, TEM created a programmatic visual and audio system that took inputs from the audience. The interaction was made by the audience choosing visuals that related to them personally. With each interaction, the visuals would build around them through projections on the mirrored installation, creating a ‘mandala-like’ visual inspired by a lens that is unique to each person and accompanied by bespoke audio compositions.

As the mandalas formed, a Google Pixel 2 captured a series of images at a specific angle to align the disks around the audience, creating a unique portrait for the audience to share on their own social channels.