Anri Sala
The Last Resort

Kaldor Public Art Projects

Catalogue, artist edition record, exhibition elements and campaign for Kaldor Public Art Project 33.

Collider were engaged by long time client Kaldor Public Art Projects to produce the catalogue, campaign and exhibition elements for French-Albanian artist Anri Sala’s new project at Observatory Hill, The Last Resort.

While the campaign & signage systems were austere — respecting the subtleties and elegance of the installation — the catalogue and artist edition record took a more classical approach to framing Sala’s ideas, making use of serif typeface ‘Janson Max’ and a justified grid to honour the historical and musical materials explored within the work.

A common proportion was applied to all print pieces within The Last Resort; a re-occurring sequence of squares and circles appeared throughout the record sleeve, catalogue and brochure, inspired by the drum skins of the installation and the relationship between a musical record and its protective sleeve. A selection of ‘wind sentences’ (interpreted quotes from the travel diaries of British explorer James Bell) flow across the covers of both the catalogue and artist edition record.

The Last Resort featured at Observatory Hill from 13 October—5 November 2017. The 48 page catalogue is available to purchase via