Lend Lease
Interactive Learning Tool

Creative strategy, digital development and communication materials for Lend Lease’s Sustainability division.

Collider was approached by global developer, Lend Lease, with a very particular challenge. We were asked how Lend Lease should communicate their complex and multi-faceted green technology to a global audience starting with the visitors to the Australian Pavillion in Shanghai. With an increase in environmentally sustainable development globally, Lend Lease wanted to communicate Australian green building technology using the 2010 China World Expo as a launching pad.

For the solution, Collider created an interactive mobile module titled ‘The Green Building Converter’ that could be plugged in anywhere near a wall. It allows users to navigate, via a touch screen, an interactive storyline to learn about what green development is and how Lend Lease can help developers and owners reduce the CO2 emissions of their buildings.

Three units were created. Each unit was designed and made in Australia from FSC sourced plywood and uses low VOC glues and sealants. Created to be viewed throughout the day in certain areas of the Australian Pavillion, the units also utilise timed power-down functions to conserve electricity use after hours.

The bilingual English/Chinese console was then adapted into a larger and more comprehensive online extension for the wider global audience.

View some process from this project here.

Web development. Robert St Clair