Roslyn Packer Theatre
Signage & Wayfinding

Sydney Theatre Company

A bold wayfinding suite for Sydney’s largest theatre venue.

Roslyn Packer Theatre (formerly Sydney Theatre) is one of a number of industrial, heritage buildings converted into arts spaces along Sydney’s harbour. It sits at the heart of Walsh Bay’s burgeoning arts precinct, which began with the conversion of The Wharf three decades ago.

It is the largest of Sydney Theatre Company’s venues and has shown some of STC’s biggest productions. Benedict Andrews’ epic The War of the Roses, A Streetcar Named Desire starring Cate Blanchett, Uncle Vanya directed by Tamás Ascher, The Maids starring Blanchett and Isabelle Huppert, and Waiting for Godot directed by Andrew Upton starring Hugo Weaving and Richard Roxburgh were all staged at The Ros.

Collider was engaged to revive the theatre’s wayfinding and signage to improve the patron experience, bringing the theatre into the context of a more contemporary precinct. The use of illuminated LED blocks and stark, graphic black and white typography was intended to create a strong contrast to the worn, historic charm of the venue. The suite was designed to be highly visible through double sided suspended units and single-sided wall mounted units that can be dimmed during different cycles of use, for example, brighter by day and dimmed at night.