Creative Power

'Creative Power' (starring Gal Godot) was a highly ambitious TVC that took the studio four months to concept, design and produce in collaboration with Collider director Ben Briand and Blackbird Sydney.
Three unique visual effects were required to tell the story in the commercial. Each was in its own right a highly complex and intricate visual that involved considerable R&D and planning. The visuals took a strong influence from nature and natural movement.
The 'chasm' sequence needed to show Gal falling into a vortex of colour and light. After many different iterations of the idea we landed on an approach that felt like a cyclonic eye. With a gaseous form it could manifest and dissipate quickly allowing for some beautiful moments of interaction with Gal's physicality.
We created the 'forest' sequence to feel like a hologram of suspended light points. A specially made forest set was modelled and the team looked at how Lidar visualisation worked to emulate as an animated effect.
Billowing fabric was our reference point for Gal's complex holographic doppelgänger disintegration. 50 different layers were used to transition a digital scan of Gal into hundreds of thin linear contours before each line was dispersed into millions of points.