Ben Collier

Ben Collier understands the inherent importance of the lifestyle choice that their buyers make when choosing a property, so Collider conceived a more intuitive and personalised way of users navigating listings on the new, via a series of idyllic Sydney lifestyles: beachside, harbourside, inner city and parkside.

The website experience is complemented by a carefully art directed series of cinemagraphs emotively depicting each lifestyle, produced in collaboration with Collider's Yeoseop Yoon and cinematographer Christopher Miles.

An extensive library of cinemagraphs was created through visits to Sydney's parklands, coastal and inner city locations, providing Ben Collier's team with a range of opportunities to build upon the lifestyles narrative in the future.

Articulating the romanticism of life in Sydney, Yeoseop's beautiful vignettes inform the visual experience of, seamlessly incorporated into each area of the website as a reinforcement of the lifestyles narrative.