We created an original, playable game, specifically made to film inside of to create two music videos for electro-duo H3000.

Designed and directed by Andrew van der Westhuyzen, and made in Unreal Engine by Collider's Technical Director Hugh Carrick-Allan, the storyworld environment features, epic vistas, giant toys and plenty of sci-fi touches.

Early concept tests by Andrew van der Westhuyzen.

Giant toys litter the landscape.

The Temple. The only safe place from the Hunters.

We modelled the duo’s bodies in ZBrush and used iphone face scanning software to capture their heads in a simple, low fidelity way to work in the game engine. While their bodies were mapped onto an existing Unreal locomotion ‘rig’ character that could be controlled by an xbox controller.

Luke Steele as intrepid interstellar rogue/explorer (a sci-fi Indiana Jones).

Run tests in full suit detail for Jarrad and Luke.

Modelling and final suit detail before Unreal Engine import.

The driving force for the Running clip were the Hunter characters. The Hunters were created to be absurd human-like entities - slightly comical and menacing.

The Hunters.

Given the project scale we had to be clever about how to reuse the game set. So we came up with a simple day night split between the two stories. This gave us vastly different atmospheres between the two clips - even though it was essentially the same set of parts.

The artefact beam.