Goalpost Pictures
New Gold Mountain Main Titles

Collider was engaged by Goalpost Pictures to create the main titles for the four-part mini-series New Gold Mountain, an Australian drama set in the Bendigo Goldfields in 1855.

We wanted to recreate a sense of landscape, creating a canvas covered body, with valleys, hills and peaks. Integral to this idea was using a particular lens called a 'Snorkel Lens' that would give a sense of scale and grandeur to the small areas of the fabric.

We shot still life studies of canvas under different lighting setups to determine the right feeling for each shot. On set, a fine layer of soil dust was misted over the fabric and in the air to help with atmosphere and provide nice puffs of cloud from the rolling gold nuggets.

Complementing the fabric landscapes, we captured moments in the title sequence where gold nuggets tumble down the fabric.

This delicate movement was achieved by shooting the pieces of gold being dropping onto the canvas at the fast frame rate of 800fps. This ultra-slow motion creates an even more realistic feeling of movement in a large and wide landscape.