Help! The Board Game

Collider was engaged by Che/Proximity and NRMA to create a highly unique, original and engaging way for NRMA to better prepare their staff for the different needs of everyday Australian’s looking to insure their way of life.

We played a lot of our favourite games and learned what we liked and didn’t like about each one. We absorbed everything, from the experience of playing the games, to how the game pieces were designed, packaged and explained.

Collider developed a custom game simulator for the board game that would allow us to run 1000s of games to tweak the game mechanism and improve game play.

We created custom testing software that could simulate how our game might work better, allowing us to iterate and test ideas across thousands of virtual game sessions to improve the experience of the game.

The production of the game set was meticulously overseen by Collider to create a crafted and well-made object.

Physical rapid prototyping through to hand-painted final.

The 3D characters (re-articulated from original designs by Julian Frost) were all meticulously colour specified for hand-painting.

While the game was at first created as a limited edition of 300, given the success of the concept NRMA gave the green light to produce a further 30,000 units and find distribution through some of Australia's largest retailers. The campaign led to a 32% increase in brand awareness for NRMA and thousands of dollars raised for the Australian Red Cross.

Help! won a Silver Spike for Design at the 2021 Spikes Asia.

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