Westpac x Hayden Shapes
Centsitive Objects

Centsitive Objects is a range of PayWear accessories created by Hayden Cox, designed to house a Westpac PayWear Card for hands and battery-free tap-and-go payment.

We were engaged to create a suite of unique visual elements to launch the products. Our brief was to conceive unusual visuals not normally associated with the typical banking tone.

We were encouraged by Hayden Shapes to approach the visuals more as art than marketing—a brief we wholly embraced—bringing our history in experimental 3D animation together with cues from some of Hayden’s own brand values.

The team created a range of pieces for the campaign including motion teasers, lenticular sequences for packaging and poster key art. As always, concepting and R&D was an important first stage to guide us to the final outcomes, so we invested a lot of time and energy into some very clever people to achieve it.