Make Your Impact: UI Design Suite

Collider Studio was tasked with bringing to life the entirety of the VFX within the ADF’s Make Your Impact campaign. Directed by renowned director Rupert Sanders (Ghost in the Shell, Snow White and the Huntsman), the tri-service campaign was one of the ADF’s largest campaigns ever undertaken and involved a huge degree of planning across the Army, Navy and Air Force divisions. The naturalistically-styled stories feature a full spectrum of military personnel on and off duty and were shot over nine days at multiple locations around Australia.

Many of the key story beats of the campaign involved shooting scenes that included graphical interfaces to assist the storytelling. Studio invested a lot of pre-production time (in collaboration with VML and ADF) concepting, designing and refining a large suite of UI assets to be featured as much as possible in-camera.

All the UI designs needed to walk a fine line between fact and fiction. With careful consultation with the ADF, we were able to find a happy medium between interfaces that felt close to the real thing, without overstepping any classified ADF security requirements.

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