The First Digital Nation

‘The First Digital Nation’ brought international attention to the significant impacts of climate change on the island nation of Tuvalu.

Delivered by Tuvalu’s Foreign Minister to the United Nations COP27 conference, the film highlighted the urgent need for proactive and effective climate policies to mitigate rising seas levels that directly threaten low lying pacific nations like Tuvalu. The arresting speech, seemingly given from a local Tuvaluan beach, subtly pulls out to shatter the illusion of reality, revealing a completely digitised island and highlighting the digital fate of the island nation if nothing is done to quell rising tides.

Created in collaboration with Australian agency, The Monkeys, the project won the prestigious Cannes Lion Titanium Grand Prix; an award which celebrates game-changing creativity and breakthrough ideas within the industry.


Agency — The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song
Production Co - Collider
Director - Glenn Stewart
EP/Producer - Karen Bryson
Managing Director - Rachael Ford Davies

Post Production - Collider Studio
Animation/VFX - Glenn Stewart
Additional VFX - Hugh Carrick Allan, Joseph Harper
Colourist - Matt Fezz

Learn more at tuvalu.tv